Change: It’s the Only Thing that’s Constant

Change: It’s the Only Thing that’s Constant.

And I do it constantly. If you run a website, you know that change is constant.

If you’re looking for a blog post about bras for older women or how horrible I am at choosing appropriate Christmas presents, you are at the right website.
That’s what I’ve been writing about since I started this site in 2012.

BUT… is undergoing a major change.

Next time you see an interesting post here, it will be about what is happening in Wichita Falls and the rest of the Texoma area.

I decided to host a free on-line news site for my community. There is a lot that is happening here in Texoma. And everybody needs to know about it. So we can talk about it and encourage and help each other.

There are so many interesting people, innovative new businesses, great music, exciting festivals & art, independent authors, compelling stories, and much, much more that can be shared.

I will curate serious news…you know…the politics, crime, natural disasters and all that stuff that happens in the area and the world.

I will link to credible news sources including Reuters, Associated Press, Texas Tribune, Texas Observer, etc. Local news stories will link to our credible TV channels. And there will be links to city, county, and state governments.

But there is so much more news in our communities that needs to be covered. There’s weddings, births, engagements, accomplishments, anniversaries, trials and triumphs, new endeavors, graduations, group meetings, festivals…you name it.

Encouraging, hopeful things happen all around us that are hardly recognized.

Connect with someone.
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I think we need more facts, less commentary; more community, less isolation; more cooperation, less bitterness. We need to be nice to each other again.

I’m exhausted from all the ugly rhetoric and fussing, cussin’ and dis-cussin’, name calling and back biting that sort of passes for communication now. Everybody, just stop!




It’s time for facts and just the facts. No more airing of everybody’s opinions…at least not on this news site.


Can’t we all just get along?


Can’t we all just get along? I believe we can and I will do my best to carry that belief forth into our community.







There will be opportunities for you to support this effort by buying ads on the news site, sending your organization’s press releases, and sharing your life celebration news.

So, yes…change is coming to including a name change. Look for Wichita Falls Times to be up and running on October 1, 2017. Until then, you can check on the site’s progress by looking at or following the Facebook page .

My mission is to make a news site to report good things and the needs in our community and to promote civil discourse about those subjects.

I would greatly appreciate your support and participation in this effort.


Peggy Browning

Peggy Browning writes about women and life and aging and all things wonderful. She is enamored with her three grandchildren and aspires to leave the world a better place for them. She grew up on a farm in rural Texas and credits that upbringing with her interest in nature and conservation and the beauty of Mother Earth.

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