Digital day at WFISD

Ashley Thomas WFISD-

For the fourth year, WFISD will be participating in National Digital Learning Day on Thursday, February 28. Because WFISD is a Google Reference District, we will also be combining our campus tours with a Google Showcase in the afternoon.

All across the country, schools are undergoing a transformation in teaching and learning with the help of digital technology. As educators re-imagine school in new and different ways, Digital Learning Day provides an opportunity to collaborate with peers, share ideas, try new digital tools and celebrated education innovation. Most importantly, it encourages everyone to play a role in the transformation of their own schools and communities.

In WFISD, educators will be showcasing how they are using technology to bring learning to life and make learning visible to a worldwide audience. Administrative teams, community members and personnel from area school districts will be visiting campuses throughout the day to see the teachers in action. At the end of the day, participants will return to the Career Education Center to hear WFISD students and teachers discuss how technology and Google G-Suite have transformed their learning and teaching.

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