Friends of the Library Book Warehouse is Open

News Release: Free Books, CDs and more

Friends of the Library Book Warehouse is Open

The Friends of the Library Book Warehouse at 7th and Austin, downtown Wichita Falls, is open daily M-F 10-1 and Sat. 8-1 and is making all of its books available, free of charge, to anyone interested in coming in and picking out something to read.

CDs are also free charge. Magazines, audio cassettes, video cassettes and a few eight-track tapes are also available for free.

The reason is simple. The Friends of the Library will be moving to a smaller location at 1404 1/2 Beverly Drive (Between 9th and 10th Streets) in January.

Friends of the Library must downsize the collection.

Anything taken before we move is material we don’t have to move. The people of Texas have entrusted the Friends of the Library with 100,000 books (and other media) and we just want those books to be read and shared with friends and neighbors.

The FOL was given a deadline to move earlier in the year and many people thought it was closed. The FOL Book Warehouse is still open and will remain open until moved to the new location.

See KAUZ Newschannel 6 video here:

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