NEWS…Just the Facts, Ma’am.

Wichita Falls Times curates “hard” news through reliable news sources. Our local sources include TV and radio stations and a local farm & ranch magazine. State & Regional news is linked to Texas Tribune and other Texas news sources. US & World news comes from Reuters.

Features on WFT are locally reported through WFT staff and are also linked to reliable and well-reported community news sources like North Texas Farm & Ranch magazine. These include news about non-profits, interesting people, new & existing local businesses, community activities, artists and authors,

Wichita Falls Times has no click bait or sensational news. We curate and report facts to the best of our knowledge.

WFT currently publishes two editorial columnists who write about travel and general life observations. We do not publish political columnists or opinion pieces nor do we expect to ever do that.

If you have a press release about an event coming up, please send it to WFT at:






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