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Shopping Adventures 

Dining Delights

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How to support your Community:

Shop Local. Eat Local. Buy Local. Play Local.

Every community in Texoma has some interesting places to shop, eat, browse and play. Yes…I said EVERY COMMUNITY! Even the smallest.

Consider for a minute the sound garden/music park in Seymour. Did you know it existed? I recently made a stop at it when I was in town for business. I played all the instruments there. And although I was alone, I had a really good time. I plan to bring my grandchildren with me next time. And while we are there, we will eat at one of the local restaurants, we will go to at least one of the museums there, and most likely buy something in one of the shops.

That’s how you support your community…and others around Texoma.

There are adventures to be found everywhere…look for them! 

Here’s a list of shopping venues and restaurants to get you started on your adventure:

Kruger Brent & Company



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