Texas Law Enforcement holds State-Wide Warrant Round-up

Great Texas Warrant Round-Up 2019

Press Release —

The Great Texas Warrant Round-Up 2019 Starts on Saturday, February 23th, and ends March 8th, 2019.

Take Care of Your Outstanding Warrant Now!

Once again it’s time for Texas law enforcement to increase its efforts in serving outstanding arrest warrants by holding the state-wide Great Texas Warrant Roundup. This will be the 12th year that Texas has done this, and this year over 300 jurisdictions (counties, municipalities, etc.) are involved.

What is the Great Texas Warrant Roundup?

This being Texas, it’s known as the largest such coordinated effort of its kind in the country, where folk who have outstanding warrants – for anything from traffic violations or unpaid parking tickets to those with higher charges – are invited to voluntarily comply with the local badges. The incentive to do so? Those who don’t may face being arrested at their job or at home in front of their family

In Wichita Falls, notices have been mailed to individuals with active warrants

During the next two weeks, individual ’s with outstanding city citations are encouraged to appear in person or contact Wichita Falls Municipal Court in order to avoid the embarrassment of being arrested at home, work or school during the Warrant Roundup.

How to clear an outstanding warrant:

  • Pay in person or by mail at Wichita Falls Municipal Court, 611 Bluff St Wichita Falls, TX 76301.
  • Online at. www.wichitafalls.gov – Municipal Court tab – Pay a fine
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