The Mantra of Cat-Man-Do: Trap Neuter Release

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Wichita Falls, Texas, July 9, 2018–Trap. Neuter. Release. This is the mantra of Cat-Man-Do, also known as Charles Cherry.

Cat-Man-Do, as Cherry prefers to be known, not only talks the talk…he walks the walk. He believes that the problem of feral cats in the neighborhood can be changed to the controlled presence of feral cats in the neighborhood, a more humane and healthy way of existence.

The solution? Trap, neuter, release. Repeat.

The TNR mission started by accident, not design. CMD’s neighbor had a fertile “queen” (essentially the original cat that starts the feral cat occupation in a specific area). She bore her first litter at less than one year old and quickly multiplied the population with three more litters.

The mother cat was unable to care for her multiple babies. The kittens that survived began having their own unsustainable litters.

That’s when CMD decided to trap the mother cat, take her to a veterinarian to be neutered, and return her back to his neighbor.

Now CMD volunteers a great deal of his time and his own money to help feral cats live in more humane conditions and to help residents of neighborhoods where cats are present.  Over the past three years that he has been doing this, he has TNR’ed about 450 cats and kittens.

Unhealthy and ailing cats are often among feral cat colonies. This disabled military veteran has nursed his fair share of kittens to health through upper respiratory illnesses and such before he takes them to the clinic to be neutered.

At the cost of $15 per test, CMD has them tested for leukemia and feline AIDS. “Both are terrible viruses,” he said. “They are contagious to other cats through bites, sex, and in vitro.” They do not survive the viruses.

Cherry does have lots of remarkable recovery stories of cats who survived against formidable odds. He credits Dr. Tim Ashley DVM, Miss Fannie’s Feline Rescue, and P.E.T.S. Low Cost Spay and Neuter Clinic with many success stories. 

“Dr. Ashley at the Animal Hospital and both Miss Fannie’s and P.E.T.S. are all awesome about helping out,” CDM said.

Sometimes, when CMD sees a big colony of feral cats that continues to grow, he will contact the caretaker about TNR and provide services. Other times, he may be referred to a caretaker to help. News of his volunteer work spreads by word-of-mouth and by referrals from Miss Fannies and P.E.T.S.

Although Cat-Man-Do does not charge for his time, he does gladly accept money for the upkeep of his traps and gasoline for his truck. If you would like to donate money to Cat-Man-Do TNR, you can contact P.E.T.S. and send a donation to a special Cat-Man-Do account there to help defray his costs.

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